About Us

Back in 1997, Ron and Sarah Dillon of Crystal River decided to open Cinnamon Sticks Restaurant and Bakery in Inverness. Even though they already had a very successful restaurant in Crystal River (Dillon’s Inn Restaurant and Bakery) for many years, they saw Inverness as a great place to be. They found a great location with a great history on Hwy 44. It originally opened as “Mr. John’s Steakhouse” in the 1970s, but was mostly known as “Fat Boys BBQ” for many years. There was a lounge in the back where many local business deals were written and sealed on a napkin and a handshake. After a few failed restaurants and a few empty years, the transformation was underway. Cinnamon Sticks was born and became a landmark restaurant within its first year of business. Ron Dillon, son of Ron and Sarah Dillon, saw Inverness as a great place to live and purchased the business from his parents. Ron owned and operated the restaurant for twelve great years before the Racetrac Gas station was built.

Dillon’s Farm

After building and running Dillon’s Irish Pub for four great years we decided to sell and concentrate our goals on our farm. COMING THIS FALL… All of you will have direct access to the freshest and healthiest chicken eggs in Citrus County!! Our entire flock will be raised on a completely organic diet. This means a diet FREE from all hormones, antibiotics, steroids, soy and GMOs. Our girls have FREE RANGE in our pasture just as nature intended, allowing them to eat bugs, worms, grass, etc. In addition to foraging for food, we will be feeding them freshly grown sprouts known as ‘fodder.’ Grown from barley, black oil sunflower and iron clay peas, fodder sprouts start out from whole seed and grows to fresh sprouts and roots in just seven days creating a highly nutritious food source, completely organic with zero waste. This will then be fed to all of the animals on our farm including our horses. For those of you who know how amazing duck eggs are, you will be happy to know we will have them as well as quail eggs available.


Ron and Jennifer Dillon